Cottee Parker Architects
  Ignite Architects   This is a refit of the existing domestic terminal building in Auckland, New Zealand, which was in fact a conglomerate of five different buildings. Departure gates and the associated air bridges were reconfigured to allow for the new Sharklet type aircraft to be deployed by Air New Zealand.  I was involved on the project in 2012, and my role was BIM modelling and documentation; and for various sub-packages, site architect.  Software used: Revit, ArchiCAD
  Ignite Architects   Styx Town Centre is a green field development proposal for a brand new town centre in Christchurch, New Zealand. The complex is to include retail, cinemas, supermarket, commercial, cafe, car park & community buildings.  I worked on the project in 2012, and my role was BIM modelling and documentation, as well as being part of the design team.  Software used: Revit, SketchUp
  Ignite Architects   Hoyts Te Awa is a 6-auditoria cinema development designed as part of level 1 of a new build enclosed shopping mall (Te Awa), on The Base shopping centre site at Te Rapa, Hamilton, New Zealand.  Hoyts’ clearly communicated intention was that this development would be a prototype in a new paradigm of cinema experience that, if successful, would be rolled out across all new Hoyts developments.  It was the first fully 3D, fully digital cinema centre in New Zealand.   The cinema has been operating successfully since its opening in August 2011, and subsequent designs were commissioned (Centre Place & Chadstone).  I was involved from 2008 to 2012, and my role was Project Architect and Project BIM Leader, from concept through to defects liability. I ran a team of 4 to 14 staff during the course of the project. The documentation set is now used as an office exemplar.  After completing this project, I assisted other project teams to advise on / design the cinema layouts for four other cinema complexes in New Zealand, Australia, and China.  Software used: ArchiCAD, SketchUp
  Ignite Architects   Te Awa The Base is 30,000m² enlcosed mall development on the larger The Base external shopping centre in Hamilton, New Zealand.  I was involved from 2008 to 2012, from just after Concept Design through to Defects Liability. I was primarily the Project BIM Leader, modeller and documenter, but was also heavily involved resolving design issues throughout.  Software used: ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Blender
  Ignite Architects   Albany A1 was a large format retail mall development designed for a greenfield site, adjacent the existing Westfield Mall in Albany, Auckland.  The client was quite specific that this mall was to be more boutique in nature, in order to complement, and not compete with, the nearby Westfield Mall.  I was involved in 2008, in the role of Project BIM Leader, both modelling and documenting for Resource Consent (or Development Approval). The documentation set is currently used in the office as a Resource Consent exemplar.  Software used: ArchiCAD, Artlantis
  Ignite Architects   Soho Square in Auckland, New Zealand, was a mixed use development. It consisted of five, multi-storey buildings, sitting atop a five-storey below ground podium car park.  I was responsible to model and document two of the buildings, and the podium. I was involved on this project from 2007-2008.  Software used: ArchiCAD
Perspective View
Britomart Precinct Concept
Hoyts Chadstone
  Architects Aotearoa Ltd   Working in conjunction with EconoBuilt, this was a proposal for a gymnasium for St Paul's Collegiate school. I was responsible to prepare the model, plans and presentation renders for School Board selection. 2006.  Software used: ArchiCAD, Photoshop